Write for us

Hello Writers,

Thank you so much for visiting us and checking out our offering.

We're looking for extremely high quality evergreen content in long-form for our blog.

We pay $250 PER ARTICLE.

Our platform offers crypto trading bots to investors and within this niche we want to inform and inspire our readers. What's unique about us is.. well.. I kind of covered that here.

Our articles work on a submission and approval process - the format and content of each article is key to having a piece approved by us (and subsequently getting paid).

We're looking for content that replicates this format (Brian's tips are useful too!).

Key points to note on the format:

Topics to write about are anything that naturally segues into our product offering so some ideas to give you an example:

If you're lost for ideas the easiest way to find article inspiration is to look for specific questions people are asking and answer them.

You can find specific questions either on Quora/Reddit or Google Search Autocomplete (start typing something in Google like "crypto trading" and look at the suggestions in the drop down box - the suggestions are stuff people are actually searching).

So that's it.

Produce awesome content that people want to read, nothing clickbaity. Just very useful and informative content in our space that naturally leads into presenting our product offering.

Also, if you don't have any image editing skills, DONT WORRY. Just get as close to whatever you want in the article, you can even hand-draw stuff (and add an explanation for anything thats not clear) and we'll have our illustrator/graphic designer re-create or re-edit them and drop them in.

We will respond to your submission within 48 hours with either 1 of the following 3 responses:

  1. Yes we love it, we want to use it, where can we send payment to? Payments are immediate upon approval. Bank transfers (for UK) and Paypal are both fine - whichever you prefer. We can pay in crypto too if you want.
  2. We like it but it needs changes. We'll list what we need changing for you to resubmit. Usually it's because the content piece doesn't adhere to the guidelines above so please re-read them before you submit.
  3. A straight no and nothing else. This means the format isn't even close to what we're aiming for. You'll only get this if it's quite clear you haven't read this page. If we haven't replied after 48 hours, assume it's a no.

Please send articles to:

Submissions don't need a covering letter and I don't need to know your life story or what your dog ate last Tuesday. Just the full article in the email body with any of the images embedded throughout the text (no attachments please). Please put "i love fluffy pink unicorns" as the subject line so I know you pay attention to small details.

I genuinely do appreciate your time. I hope this doesn't feel too sterile an engagement as we do greatly care about writers here so if you do have any concerns or you want to ask me any questions just hit me up at janny@credium.io I'm always available for support and guidance.

Thank you and good luck!