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An investment platform designed to give you control

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Credium is an investment platform built around trading bots specialised in crypto assets. We use a variety of mathematical and statistical techniques to achieve superior risk adjusted returns whilst giving you full control and immediate access to your investments.

90% of every day investors lose money. Couple this with the volatility and risks inherent in Cryptocurrencies we sought out to provide a significantly better experience for investors in digital assets. We felt that we needed to do better for the cryptocurrency space.

We believe that you deserve better.

How it works

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Create an account with us and invest whatever you like. You have full control over your investments so you can add and remove as you please. We start investing your capital the same day automatically.
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Sit back
Put your feet up and relax. We’re always working hard to create the optimal algorithms to maximise your investment returns without you having to do a thing. Completely hands-off and hassle-free.
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Same day processing of deposits and withdrawals. You have complete freedom to add and remove as much money as you like. Keep track of your investment through a beautifully designed platform.

Built for success

Market-leading features all come as standard
  • Preconfigured algorithms that run out of the box
    Membership includes access to all of our bots straight away. All you have to do is press start and you'll be up and running.
  • No trading, crypto or coding knowledge required
    You don't need to have any knowledge of crypto's, trading or coding. All you need to get started is an initial investment and to sign up as a member.
  • Complete cloud operations for 24/7 trading functionality
    With cloud functionality you don't need a computer running to keep the algorithms functional. We take care of the maintenance and scalability. There's also minimal latency and 99.9% uptime.
  • Multiple, uncorrelated bots for reduced volatility
    The secret to our success is running multiple, uncorrelated algorithms. This leads to much lower overall volatility than holding a single coin or running a single algorithm.
  • Customer centric values
    The entire platform has been built from the ground up around you, the customer. Your profitability is our success.
  • Advanced security
    Safety for both your capital and your personal information is built into the product with 256-bit end-to-end encryption.
  • Lower volatility returns than the underlying coins
    Cryptocurrencies as an asset class are extremely volatile. Our algorithms are designed to capitalise on the volatility to output lower volatility returns.
  • Shorting built in
    With in-built shorting you can take advantage when the market moves in either direction.
  • Advanced statistical and machine learning models only
    No human emotion plays a part in our algorithms with all trading decisions mathematically validated before going live.


Pre-orders are currently open and we're on track for an early Q4 Alpha release to all pre-order members.


Backed by World Class Talent
janny kul chief quant
Janny Kul
Founder & CEO
Janny is the founder of Credium as he saw an opportunity for high returns in Cryptocurrencies with lower volatility by using statistical algorithms to capture Alpha.

Janny started his career at JP Morgan and has moved up the ranks at Citi then ending up at Merrill Lynch where he was running a $250m portfolio over the course of 7 years.

Janny holds a First Class Honours Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Kings College London.
janny linkedin profile

Limited early bird offer

Pre-order members can cancel any time for a full refund of platform fees up until 90 days after either the Alpha release or after you first invest - whichever is longer.

Just our little way of saying thank you for being one of the first to support us.
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Accounts under $100k
Suitable for individuals
per month billed annually
  • Access to entire suite of bots
  • Instant on/off switch
  • Same day withdrawals
  • Cancel any time up to 90 days after we launch or after your first investment for a full refund
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Buy Now
Coming Soon
Accounts $100k and over
For institutions & HNWI’s
per month billed annually
  • Access to entire suite of bots
  • Instant on/off switch
  • Same day withdrawals
  • Cancel any time up to 90 days after we launch or after your first investment for a full refund
Buy Now
Buy Now
Pre-orders only
Currently Open (will close at 1000members)
single fee lifetime license
  • Access to entire suite of bots
  • Instant on/off switch
  • Same day withdrawals
  • Cancel any time up to 90 days after we launch or after your first investment for a full refund

We have answers

What is a Crypto trading bot anyway?

A trading bot is a computer program (or algorithm) created for the sole purpose of buying and selling different types of cryptocurrency coins. Bots operate solely with input data and don't have human emotions such as greed and fear which is usually what causes human traders to be unprofitable.

How does a CRYPTO trading bot work?

Trading bots will aim to predict the future direction of a particular coin and then buy or sell that coin in advance of the expected price movement. There will be risk limits and tolerances built into the bot so it will capture the maximum price movement possible. This entire process happens automatically by sophisticated algorithms.

Are Crypto trading bot's profitable?

Most trading bot providers are unfortunately not profitable. This is understandable because predicting the future direction of any instrument is very difficult, especially one that is highly volatile. That's why we're proud to offer a money-back offer for our first 1000 customers; cancel any time up to 90-days after we release our Alpha or you first invest, for an immediate refund. No questions asked.

What is the expected launch date?

We're aiming for a Q4 2019 launch date. If you subscribe to our newsletter we'll keep you updated of our progress.

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