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Designed by humans, built by A.I.

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We believe superior investments should be accessible to all

Profitable algorithms have been inaccessible, until now

Today, every day investors have one of two options: invest in an index ETF or quasi-gamble through D.I.Y. stock picking. As a result, 90% of those that try to beat the markets lose money. Profitable, A.I.-driven investing has been largely dominated by leading Hedge Funds and inaccessible to most, until now.
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How it works


An investment platform designed to give you control

Create an account with us and invest whatever you like.  You have full control over your investment so you can add and remove as you please. We start investing your capital the next day automatically.

No lock-ups; invest and withdraw whenever you like

Same day processing of deposits and withdrawals. You have complete freedom to add and remove as much money as you like. Keep track of your investment through a beautifully designed platform.

Select a single, well-researched strategy

We don’t hide poor performance by giving you an overwhelming plethora of options to choose from. We’re always working hard to create the optimal algorithms to maximise your investment returns in all market conditions.


All of our strategies are designed to be market neutral and give you the best performance possible within predefined parameters, regardless of market direction. Algorithms within each strategy are constantly monitored, updated and enhanced to combat Alpha decay. Through our strategies, we hope to give you the chance to invest in digital currencies, without the extreme volatility.

Yep, we like to have our cake and eat it too.
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Risk Notice. All forms of investing carries the risk of losing part or all of your investment. Digital assets carry more risk due to their unregulated nature. Because all of our strategies are actively traded, your entire investment sits on-exchange which means should the exchange be compromised, which has happened several times before, you could lose your entire investment without recourse. We try hard to reduce this risk by trading across multiple exchanges but this isn’t always possible. These are not risks you should take lightly.
“Shooting for returns without controlling risk is indistinguishable from gambling.”
  • Free deposits and withdrawals
  • Withdrawals processed within 24 hours
  • Deposits invested within 24 hours
  • We only make money if you do
  • Transaction costs included
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You spoke, we listened.

What exactly is a strategy?

Within each strategy exists multiple trading algorithms that automatically buy and sell various assets in order to generate a profit. You can think of a strategy as a collection of mini A.I. bots that were designed with a specific performance target in mind. We created strategies to clearly define the type of algorithm we put into each. Algorithms tend to not be effective once others discover the mispricing or the methodology leaks into the public domain so we constantly monitor our existing algorithms and when they’re no longer effective we remove them from their strategy. We also undertake continuous research and development to generate new algorithms and assign them to a strategy based on their risk profile. This is a process that happens completely on our end so you don’t have to do anything beyond investing.

Which strategy should I choose?

Strategy choice is dependant on goals and past investing experience. Brand new investors and those that can’t afford to weather losses should opt for Cronus. The aim with Cronus is to generate modest but somewhat dependable returns. Then we allow time to continually compounding these relatively modest returns on order to generate substantial returns over longer periods of time. More experienced investors who are used to weathering volatility and drawdowns should opt for Dionysus. The aim with Dionysus is to provide a relatively high capacity option for capturing Alpha on longer timescales. If we have built up a good relationship with you and know you’re a patient investor, we’ll invite you to join Midas. Capacity here is very constrained as the opportunities for generating substantial returns on short timescales are relatively few and far between. For disclosure, we invest both firm and founder capital in Midas.

How do I use your platform?

The best part about Credium is the extreme simplicity of the platform. We’ve included three main views. One view allows you to view your personal investment performance and statistics from the day you invested. The other provides a daily P&L breakdown with useful exports for tax reporting. And the last provides an interface by which to deposit and withdraw funds. After you’ve chosen the strategy you’d like to invest in you won’t have to do anything further. At the moment you can’t change strategy choice after you invest however a future update will include this functionality too. (It’s probably worth noting if you really did want to change strategy before we’ve implemented the new functionality you can withdraw, create a new account, and then redeposit without any issues).

Can anyone sign up to Credium?

At the moment, the only restrictions we have are a minimum investment of $5k and non-U.S residents. Funds that invest in digital assets are currently unregulated in the U.K. however as per guidelines set out by the FCA on 1st August 2019, they will be subject to regulation in future. When this regulation comes into force, we will of course apply for a license and strictly adhere to the rules of the regulator. This may mean we may have to cancel a subset of our members in future if the regulator has specifications on the type of investor we allow. One of our shorter term goals is to gain regulatory status in the U.S., one of our longer term goals is to reduce the minimum investment required to start with us so the service can be accessible to more people.